This year marks the 50th anniversary of the World Ag Expo. The expo or until 2001, the California Farm Equipment Show and International Exhibition, has come a long way since 1968. The first exhibition had a total of 157 exhibitors and 28,000 people attending, whereas this year the World Ag Expo has 2,000 exhibitors and close to 100,000 attendees, making it one of the largest agricultural events in the world. Technology has also changed significantly since 1968, to make farming practices simpler and more efficient, but to also cope with the increase in the world’s population, an increase of approximately 3,942,650,585 people.

Though without the initial advances in machinery that came from the first Industrial Revolution, agriculture might not be as progressive as it is today. It was during this revolution, between 1760 and 1840, that John Deere modified the humble plough and laid the foundations for the successful company it is today. Similarly to John Deere, the foundations of TracMap are laid on the want and need to make farming processes more efficient. Though TracMap’s history is not as rich as John Deere’s, and TracMap specialise in GPS systems for ground spread application, Colin took a simple idea and transformed it into a product that has made work for our customers easier.

The World Ag Expo is an event that throughout the years has continued to celebrate and showcase all things ag. The expo is larger than any agricultural event in New Zealand, making Northland Field Days very small by comparison, though it’s events are not as exciting as some of the ones that we have. TracMap took to Tulare again this year to showcase the latest technology and the power of our products. Attending the show this year was David Glen, TracMap CEO and Colin Brown, Founding Director. Together the team had many discussions with existing customers and new prospective customers. Overall, the trip to Tulare was very successful.  Colin and David look forward to working with new TracMap customers this year and are excited about what next year’s World Ag Expo has to bring.