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TracMap GPS guidance and job management system




What is TracMap?

The TracMap system is an in-cab GPS display unit that works with a cloud-based job management system called TracMap Online. Using TracMap Online, ag service providers and their customers can draw maps of the areas that need to be cultivated or treated, mark out hazards, and input job details (chemical, rate etc.). You can then send all the job information wirelessly to drivers.

TracMap in action

Once logged into TracMap Online on their desktop or mobile device, farmers and growers can quickly order jobs that you can review before wirelessly sending them to your drivers. The TracMap in-cab GPS unit gives your drivers all the information they need to do the job right and guides them to exactly where they need to be.

The data to prove it

Through TracMap Online, you can watch the job as it happens and view all the data collected by the TracMap GPS unit on your desktop or mobile device. TracMap Online shows you all the job completion data so you can invoice accurately as soon as the job has been completed.

Wairarapa Weedsprayers

How TracMap Works For Ag Services

Clinton Carroll, Managing Director of Wairarapa Weedsprayers has been using TracMap to support his business for over 2 years. Watch the video to see how the system works for his weedspraying business.


Confidently send a new driver to a job

Using TracMap Online, you can draw maps of the areas you want cultivated or treated, highlight hazards, and input all the job details your driver needs to do the job right. Your drivers can view their jobs the night before and the TracMap in-cab GPS unit guides them to exactly where they need to be.

Load your products into TracMap Online

Once you have loaded all your products into TracMap Online, you can assign the right amount of product to any job. This feature means you have peace of mind that your driver is using the right chemical and you can confidently invoice your customers accurately.

Don't miss any jobs, avoids mistakes, invoice accurately

Even if a driver forgets to write a job in their log book, you can login to TracMap Online and clearly see which jobs have been completed. Send invoices to farmers and growers along with the job report generated by TracMap to prove where, when and how the job was completed.



Hammond Spreading (NZ)

Rob Hammond, Owner/Director of Hammond Spreading in Carterton has been using TracMap for over 5 years. Watch the video to find out how TracMap has changed the way he runs his business.

Scotts Ag Contracting (NZ)

When brothers Rhys and Jason Scott bought a fertilizer spreading business to expand the range of contracting services they offer their customers, they acquired a TracMap unit along with the spreading units. They quickly got up to speed with the mapping, guidance and job allocation capabilities. >> Read More

Riverlea Contractors (NZ)


Mike Silson and wife Charlie have grown the business together and say, the logistics of managing multiple jobs, vehicles and people can be a real challenge, “You’ve just got to be on top of things, otherwise it could all fall apart. We’ve been working with TracMap since 2013 and would struggle to be without it now.” >> Read More

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“We have lots of seasonal workers coming from overseas to help us out during the busy times, and at least half of them are new every year. With the TracMap system in every vehicle, we can guarantee that the guys are in the right paddock, at the right time, doing the right job. The last thing we need is a paddock being cultivated when it needs to be treated.”

Claire ‘Charlie’ Silson, Shareholder and Senior Office Administrator, Riverlea Contractors