After more than 10 years of using our aviation GPS and job management systems, Aspen Helicopters believes that TracMap equipment is the easiest to operate and provides the most useful data set. They also say that TracMap is now the ‘gold standard’ for aviation GPS systems worldwide.

Based in California, Aspen AG Helicopters operates three Jetrangers for aerial spraying and two long-range choppers – a Bell 212 and Bell 407 – for charter work. Their helicopter fleet is complemented by several fixed-wing aircraft.  When Rob Scherzinger, one of the company’s three partners, first looked into GPS tools for his pilots he instantly recognised their value.

“I immediately knew that GPS would become an essential tool for what we do. And of all the systems I researched, I felt that TracMap’s were the most pilot-friendly units available. The others weren’t as easy to operate and didn’t provide the data we require for much of our work.”

Aspen AG uses the latest TracMap FLIGHT3 system year-round to ensure the accuracy of crop spraying programmes. They have also been using TracMap to help conservation groups eradicate invasive plant species from island environments

“Using TracMaps, we spray avocados, lemons, celery, strawberries and a multitude of different types of vegetables. We’ve also assisted successful rodent eradication programmes in Hawaii, Anacapa Island in California, and about 15 islands in Mexico. Quite recently we completed an eradication programme in Sardinia. Of all the work we do, island restorations are the most satisfying projects.”

For most projects, Rob’s pilots use Google Earth overlays that TracMap provides as KMZ files. He says the pilots enjoy using TracMap’s intuitive interface and believes using GPS tools makes them more conscientious and quality-focused. Rob is also impressed with TracMap’s backup.

“What we like most about TracMap is their ease of use, product support and the simplicity of the interface.  It does not have a lot of stuff that we never use.  Everything that we need, it does well.  Before purchasing our first unit, I went to the island conservation organisations in North America and Mexico and asked them if TracMap were compatible with their data gathering requirements.  Both organisations enthusiastically endorsed them.”


575 Hectare island restoration completed by Rob using TracMap off the coast of south eastern Mexico.