Reliable and simple so you can focus on flying
Safe and accurate aerial application

TracMap GPS flight system and optional job management software


TracMap Aviation GPS and Job Management System

Working with RamAir Flying Services, Australia

The TracMap system comprises of a simple to use in-cab GPS flight system and a cloud based job management system called TracMap Online. Our job management system, enables you to send jobs wirelessly to pilots from your desktop or mobile device, and receive all the data you need (exact area treated, product used, climate etc.) from each job that has been completed.



RamAir Services has been operating in Australia since 1988. Director, Andrew Mason is excited about how TracMap supports his air agriculture operation, “TracMap is something we see as enhancing our business and growing with us.”

Watch the video to find out how RamAir Services uses the TracMap flight system and TracMap Online.

Aerial agriculture with TracMap

Reliable and simple to use

TracMap has a well-deserved reputation as the simplest and most reliable GPS system on the market. Easy to install and use, our flight system allows you to create your own menus and control all flight system functionality from your 3 position switch on your stick or cyclic.

Make night flying easier and safer

The TracMap GPS display unit has an intuitive menu and simple screen dimming function that you can set to almost black, so you can fly at night with minimal distraction.

Auto boom works with split boom

TracMap’s Autoboom function now works with split boom so you can focus on flying, while TracMap automatically turns your boom on/off to ensure the area you are covering is sprayed accurately.


Pacific Ag Services, California

Safer night flying with Tracmap


Tom Cooke is the Owner/Operator of his family run business Pacific Ag Services Inc, Firebaugh, CA that has been operating since 1997. He has two AT-802 air tractors, a Garrett Thrush he mainly uses for sulfur, and 70% of his work is night flying.

“Trying a new GPS system has been very good for us. I am extremely happy with the decision to go with TracMap. It lets me focus on what’s going on outside the aircraft.”  – Tom Cooke, owner/operator, Pacific Ag Services, California USA 


Super Air (NZ)

Super Air, who specialise in fixed-wing aerial application of solid fertilizer and lime has fitted TracMap to all 15 of their aircraft.

Kevin Young, Chief Pilot at Super Air, says TracMap is not only faster, lighter and more pilot friendly than the previous system, it is technically more advanced particularly in terms of variable rate flow control fertiliser applications, “TracMap GPS display unit is more robust and easier for pilots to use. Satellite tracking is faster so information is provided in a fashion that can be processed much more quickly, and the system is very responsive.”

That’s good news for the environment as well, “It’s all about being able to apply fertiliser exactly where it is required, and not elsewhere,” he says.

Chem-Air LLC (USA)


Long-time helicopter operator Chem-Air run 6 Bell 206’s as spray helicopters out of Shreveport, LA. After switching their entire fleet to the TracMap GPS system in 2010, Vice President, Bart Alexander told us, “We are beyond pleased with our decision to switch to TracMap”.

“Our pilots love the user friendliness and speed of the units, along with the sharpness of the moving map displays and light bars. More importantly, many of the features have allowed us to increase our productivity which is key in our industry”.

7 years on, Chem-Air have logged thousands of hours of trouble free operations, and still love their TracMap system.

Rural Air Work (NZ)


Rural Air Work is an agricultural aviation company, owned and operated by Josh and Suzie Calder who provide topdressing services to farmers in the central Hawke’s Bay area.

In 2014, Josh and Suzie invested in a TracMap system and online software (TracMap Online) after seeing how other companies were using it and improvements in operational efficiency. Over the past three years, TracMap has significantly improved the efficiency and safety of Rural Air Work’s operations; “Pilots don’t need to keep maps in their heads anymore, the display shows them where to go so they can focus more on flying.” 

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“TracMap GPS display unit is more robust and easier for pilots to use. Satellite tracking is faster so information is provided in a fashion that can be processed much more quickly, and the system is very responsive.”

Kevin Young, Chief Pilot, Super Air