Bill O’Sullivan has been a dairy farmer his whole life, spending the last 15 years in Otautau. He started using TracMap 5 years ago, and now swears he couldn’t go back. “Tracmap sold itself to us,” Bill recalls. “We could see the benefit straight off.”

Initially using TracMap in his tractor for spreading fertiliser on his pasture, the addition of farm mapping completely changed the way he set up and relocated breaks on his bike. “The GPS we used to use was slow and inaccurate, you know? It was just about possible to do four breaks in a day but it was pretty unreliable. I couldn’t check my staff had placed them correctly and there was as much guess work involved as proper management”.

Now Bill easily manages four breaks in a day, has more time for stock management and gets a thrill from seeing the young guys thrive with the technology. They are now showing him new things, such as how to work out break size based on square meters per cow. “I can go back four hours later and know my cows are still happy and residue levels are ok. The staff don’t like going out without the machine. It gives them and me confidence”.

So has it saved him money? “It’s made me money,” Bill answers. “TracMap has paid for itself through accuracy and time saved, and we’ve put another system back in the tractor to help with spraying.”