Bobby Evans has been spraying potatoes and other crops in heartland Georgia “for years”. Last year, he needed a replacement GPS system and TracMap distributor Frankie Williams persuaded him to try a TracMap. “I was not too sure, as I don’t like to change from what I already know”, said Bobby. “Plus, the inside lightbar was a worry. But Frankie assured me I would have no trouble adapting, and promised to swap the lightbar to an outside one if I did not like it”.

As it turned out, Bobby had no trouble adapting. In fact, when Frankie rang Bobby three days after first installing it to organise his outside lightbar, Bobby did not want to change. “Having it inside is great” he says. “It is always visible in bright sunlight, and doesn’t get dust on it”.

Bobby has now used his TracMap for over 300 hours, and he loves it. He told us that “it’s straightforward and uncomplicated, which is great. The guidance patterns are easy to use, and it works every time I turn it on.”

A nice little feature has been the ability to use Google Earth to mark all the airfields he uses, and have then show permanently on screen as a background map.

The photos show Bobby in action, and an inside view of his cockpit just after the TracMap unit was installed.

Bobby is also happy for people to ring him and ask his about his experiences direct. His mobile phone is 478 214 0527.