TracMap’s Chairman, Chris Dennison, spent an enjoyable week in California with Founding Director, Colin Brown. The pair visited customers which allowed Chris to get a feel for the scale of California agriculture operations. California is one of the largest food producing states in America, a few of their top commodities include; milk and cream, berries, walnuts, almonds, rice and pistachios.

flory-harvesters-californiaChris was thrilled by the calibre of the new staff who‘ve recently joined the TracMap team. Being a believer in offering a good product and customer service, after meeting the new American team members, Chris knows that our Californian customers are in safe hands. Another thing that surprised the Chairman was the magnitude of production in California. When compared to that of Australia, it dwarfs our cousins across the ditch.

There’s an opportunity for TracMap systems to improve the efficiency and accuracy of operations on a number of Californian crops. It is exciting to see the hard work the TracMap team has put in over the past 6 years, to create a productivity system that is unmatched by any other system, for the producers of High Value Crops in California. Chris has gone back to New Zealand feeling positive about the growth of TracMap in California and what’s to come moving forward.