The first day of the triennial WineTech show, held this year in Sydney, Australia has seen a large amount of interest in the TracMap system.

Its value was so well recognised that it received a “commended” from the judges in the prestigious WOW awards. This award recognizes innovation in the wine industry and this year was won by JMP Holdings for their new packaging system. However the judges also took the unusual step of awarding TracMap a “commended”, which is rarely done.

The simplicity of the TracMap system ensures correct treatment of blocks, and automatic capture of spray diary data seem to be two features that has attracted a lot of favourable comments.

“It would make my job as a vineyard manager so much easier’ said James Harris of Vasee Felix Wines.”It’s not hard to see where we could pick up quite a lot of efficiencies”.

These comments were very typical of the feedback the team received from the many delegates who stopped by the stand.