TracMap announced as a Finalist in the Australian Wine Industry Impact Awards

World-renowned for top quality grapes and highly sought after wine, the Australian Viticulture Industry is a significant contributor to the country’s economy. We’re dedicated to supporting regional grape growers by using innovation and collaboration to build strong partnerships within the sector.

TracMap’s goal is to significantly increase the capability and competitiveness of our Australian grape growers and wine producers. In recognition of this approach, we have been selected as a Finalist in the Australian Wine Industry Impact Awards.

Customer collaboration key to product development and technological growth

To ensure the greatest possible impact to our customers’ businesses, we involve them every step of the way. From product design to field trials, this has resulted in a revolutionary product which our customers love and are excited about.

Through comprehensive customer engagement, we have been able to significantly enhance the ability to efficiently manage a full range of vineyard tasks. Therefore tasks such as spraying and fertilising, right through to harvesting can be effectively monitored, mapped and evaluated.

“It’s pretty much a total game-changer for our business. The fact that we capture so much data and statistics that comes back to the office means that we can actually use the information to plan our next job in that same vineyard and have the additional benefits of real-time live tracking and that collaboration with the team.” Lincoln Grocke, Director – LG Vineyard Services, Barossa Valley, Adelaide AUS

The unique workflow elements facilitated by our products allows customers to use data to continuously improve capabilities. Accurate, detailed and timely data enables sprayers and harvesters to confidently and efficiently perform tasks, giving managers the ability to forecast and plan for competitive advantage. Consequently, growers can easily oversee the work on their vineyard, and contractors can demonstrate to their vineyard customers that they’re doing a great job.

Customer-driven developments

This year, in direct response to our customer needs we made changes to application capabilities. The objective was to allow for jobs to be calculated, tasked and reported on a linear metre basis instead of the standard per hectare rate.

The spray controller integration required the development of both our hardware and TracMap Online software, and as a result is now also compatible with selected spray controllers (Farmscan and Arag 180). Targeted rates can now be applied to specific parts of rows at the per linear metre basis.

Live job sharing is another customer-driven feature, where vehicles working on the same job can see the application coverage rates of other vehicles in real time. This provides important efficiency for grape growers in their spraying and harvesting operations.

When coupled with the granular level reporting on application rates, provides absolute confidence for operators. Details about the speed at which the spray was applied, which spray was applied and whether there are any harvest restrictions relating to that product can all be carefully monitored and reported.

“TracMap helps the guys working in the vineyard with rates, calibration, and spraying accuracy.  If something changes you can update details really quickly and reschedule. You can also work out how long each job should take and plan staff and machinery requirements around that. It’s fantastic and streamlines everything.” – Cameron McIntosh, Operations Manager, Total Viticulture Solutions

While vehicles are performing tasks around the vineyard, operators also have the opportunity to capture the location and details of items requiring further attention within the vineyard. A GPS coordinate can be logged, and details pertaining to the issue whether it is leaking irrigation, broken posts or poor plant health, can be logged and revisited for remedial work.

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