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When Sam Lampe first started managing farms he felt the same frustration as many other farmers. Getting the job done right was important, but with all staff, results were invariably mixed.

“We found it very frustrating, with a lot of variation from one person to another. We were forever chasing our tail.”

Not only is this a costly way to run a farm, but it consumes a lot of time and energy having to micro manage to get a job done right.

Today, Sam knows that his break fences, spreading and irrigation are being done properly, whether it is someone’s first day on the job or he is carrying out the task himself.

“You like to know at the end of the day, you’ve done the best by the animal, best by the farm owner and you try and tick all the boxes. When you’re using TracMap, be it spreading, break fencing or shifting irrigation, the room for error is very small.”

There is a way that you can get your staff delivering the results you want, every time.

When Sam was introduced to TracMap he had concerns over some of his staff using technology. Now, he sees the TracMap tool as part of his team and knows that any member can use it effectively.

“If you’re calving a cow and don’t have time to shift the irrigation, my wife comes in, follows the map and can do the job perfectly. Anyone can use it, it’s so easy and a great tool.”

Not only does Sam know the job is done right, but he reaps the rewards for it.

“We may have only had 2 dry spots this season, in over 20Ha of K-line, it just grows like it’s under pivot.”

Sam also uses TracMap for fertiliser spreading where not only does he have proof of placement, but the assurance he is using his fertiliser as efficiently as possible.

“We know the job is done properly, using a minimal amount of fertiliser, which is great for the environment.”

With TracMap you will be able to operate your farm with the accuracy high performance demands, while spending less time micro managing. TracMap allows you to spend more time working on your business, not in it.


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