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TracMap GPS system and job management software


What is TracMap?

TracMap is an easy to use GPS guidance and job management system. The TracMap system shows you what actually happened in the field and gives you the data to prove it. With TracMap, you can spend less time on stressful daily tasks and more time doing what you love.

charlie_silson_riverlea_contractors“With the TracMap system in every vehicle, we can guarantee that the guys are in the right paddock, at the right time, doing the right job. The last thing we need is a paddock being cultivated when it needs to be treated.”

Claire ‘Charlie’ Silson, Shareholder and Senior Office Administrator, Riverlea Contractors 

“TracMap helps the guys working in the vineyard with rates, calibration, and spraying accuracy.  If something changes you can update details really quickly and reschedule. You can also work out how long each job should take and plan staff and machinery requirements around that. It’s fantastic and streamlines everything.”

Cameron McIntosh, Operations Manager, Total Viticulture Solutions

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“Thanks to TracMap, we can clearly see how effective a new chemical was on increasing yield, which allows us to determine which treatments work and which don’t.”

Clinton Bowman, President, Bowman Custom Farming (USA)