The TracMap System

The TracMap system comprises of our in-cab TML GPS, seamlessly linked to our cloud based job management platform called TracMap Online.

The intuitive, touch screen GPS will provide full vehicle guidance for any job, be it spraying, spreading or irrigation shifts. Meanwhile all of the data from the cab is automatically transferred and stored on TracMap Online for proof of placement and nutrient records.

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The cost of overwatering and negative impact on pasture growth due to temporary soil moisture deficit is huge. Switching to TracMap to achieve accurate daily shifts has been repeatedly shown to achieve a 20% increase in DM response over a season. 

With TracMap, you can have the job done by different staff members each day, with no shifting errors. Permanently reduce stress and increase production.


With TracMap, compliance is made easy. Simply rest easy knowing that all of your data from a vehicle will be automatically stored in TracMap online, providing full proof of placement and nutrient records. You also have the option to send your data to one of our partner platforms(see partners page here). 


Maximize coverage while minimizing waste through GPS guidance, utilizing projection lines and A/B lines to help you to apply products with accuracy. Most farmers see a 15-20% efficiency gain which pays for the investment within 12 months. Improved pasture production with less product and time inputs, the value is as simple as that. 

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The TracMap Farmer App allows your customers to place orders with you, from their mobile device. They will automatically receive status updates and boundary notifications without you needing to lift a finger. Farmers will also be able to store all of their job history as a record

Getting started: Farmers will need you to activate their app account via TMO. Once they’ve been activated, they’ll receive a text message with a link to download the app. To activate your first farmer, follow the step-by-step guide video above.


The TracMap Farmer app allows you to send work orders to your contractors from your mobile device. This will allow you to eliminate the room for error with the single entry of data, while having the convenience to order from anywhere. Once an order is placed you will receive status updates and notifications when a vehicle enters your property, ensuring you are always in the loop. Once completed, work orders are stored to keep a full historic record.

Getting started: Let your contractors know you’d like to start using the app and they’ll have you ordering in no time. The app is available to you for free via the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone.

TracMap in Action

Jim Cooper, Farm Manager, Jaesea Farms Ltd has been a TracMap customer since 2011. Jim enjoys using TracMap Online because it is simple to use and would like more contractors to use it.

What the research says

Don’t take our word for it, check out what the research says from a real world experiment.

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