Integrating two of the country’s leading farm software systems means farmers can now have TracMap Proof of Application data seamlessly passed to their FarmIQ account, ensuring records are updated quickly and accurately for compliance and management needs.

“This is an important development for FarmIQ’s customers. Many farmers have been asking us for TracMap’s Proof of Application and Proof of Placement data for some time,” said FarmIQ chief executive Darryn Pegram.

“Now more than ever, farmers need to store this data in their farm management system for planning, reporting and compliance purposes. With the data in FarmIQ, farmers can easily control who has access to it and share their information appropriately.”

David Glen, TracMap Chief Executive Officer said TracMap was delighted to be partnering with FarmIQ.

“Our customers want all their information in one place, and they are increasingly turning to FarmIQ. This partnership makes our TracMap Proof of Application data more accessible for FarmIQ’s customers and helps them manage all their compliance requirements.”

In this first phase of the integration, providing you authorise such transfer of data, completed jobs from your TracMap Online (TMO) account will be able to be viewed by your customers from within their FarmIQ account.


We’re excited to provide you with the opportunity to share your proof of application data with your FarmIQ customers.

What You Need To Know
  • In Phase 1 of the integration, your proof of placement data can be shared to your customers FarmIQ account.
  • In Phase 2, your FarmIQ customers will be able to create orders for you, as their preferred contractor from within the FarmIQ platform.
  • If you have already opted-in to sharing data with your customers through one of our other integrations (MyBallance/Precision or Hawkeye/Ravensdown) you will automatically be enabled for this feature, for transfer of job data to FarmIQ.
If You Need Help

TracMap has invested considerable time and effort into the development of this partnership with FarmIQ to provide a higher level of integration and operational efficiency for spreading or spray contractors who are making good use of TracMap Online, and value to their farmer customers.

If you have any enquiries or need help understanding the changes, please contact TracMap’s Helpdesk on 0800 872 262 or email us on [email protected]

If you’d like to find out more about FarmIQ, click here to visit their website.