TracMap aviation GPS and job management system has allowed Golden Ranch Aviation to avoid hiring a GIS specialist, saving the cost of an entire salary. In addition, TracMap’s cloud connectivity has enabled instant communication between aircraft and ground staff, eliminating double-handling and delays between client requests, job completion and invoicing.

Dale Hill owns Golden Ranch Aviation in Louisiana, USA. He primarily sprays pipeline and powerline tracks. Dale first met TracMap when he purchased a helicopter with the system already fitted, and he’s never looked back.

“The TracMap system is really fantastic. It’s a great way of managing what I do daily. The biggest thing for me is that it helped remove the cost of a complete employee from my company. Because the TracMap GIS conversion systems are so robust, I don’t have to hire a GIS person. I’m able to do it all myself now, eliminating a complete salary from my business.”

Having used TracMap for more than a year now, Dale identifies the cloud communication between the aircraft and his people on the ground as a market-leading point of difference.

“Being able to share my maps from anywhere in the world is huge. I’ve even had my logistics manager sitting in a pickup, when someone came up and said they wanted this, this and this done. I was flying along and simply got a message to say you have new tracks to do. That’s one of TracMap’s best features over any system out there.”

“TracMap’s cloud-based information system has also simplified my business more than anything else I’ve used. I don’t have to do individual downloads at the end of the day. The minute I finish a track, my office can have all the information they need to start billing while I’m still flying. Instead of me doing a whole bunch of work and then waiting a week for everything to get caught up, we do it all as we go.”

Dale has also been impressed by the support provided by TracMap from day one.

“All of my customer service from TracMap has been spot on. Any difficulties I’ve had along the way have only been a phone call away from being fixed. That’s one of the things I really love about the system.”