Precision farming made simple with TracMap GPS
guidance and job management system!

The operational visibility to aid planning and forecasting,
accuracy and efficiency in job management and shareable data for reporting and compliance.




What is TracMap?

The TracMap system is an in-cab GPS display unit that works with a cloud-based job management system called TracMap Online. Using TracMap Online you can effectively manage all vehicle operations within your business.

TracMap in action

Once logged in to TracMap Online, you can draw maps of the areas that need to be harvested or treated, mark out hazards, input job details (chemical, rate etc.), and send the job wirelessly to your driver. Our in-cab GPS display unit, guides your driver to the job with all the information they need to do it right.

The data to prove it

Through TracMap Online, you can watch the job as it happens and view all the data collected by the GPS unit in real time on your desktop or mobile device. Once the job is completed, you have the information you need to make better business decisions.

Alloway Macadamia

Yield Data For Future Growth

Ray Norris manages the family owned and run macadamia orchard, Alloway Macadamia in Bundaberg, Queensland. Wanting to increase yield, he installed the TracMap system because it allows him to collect yield data from the orchard, and wirelessly send it to the office.


TracMap is very cost effective. The fact that it can be used for a lot more than just yield monitoring makes it even more affordable. I am looking forward to being able to identify the areas that we will get more ‘bang for our buck’ in yield improvement.”

– Ray Norris, Farm Manager, Alloway Macadamia


Preventing mistakes

Stop the mistakes that impact production. With TracMap, there are no missed or double sprayed rows, vehicles running at the wrong speed or drivers treating the wrong block. With TracMap, you and your drivers know exactly where, when and how the job is being completed.

Supervise jobs remotely

Make better use of skilled supervisors. You can monitor job progress and vehicles remotely. Order sprayers and harvesters to go to the correct block without needing someone on the ground to supervise the operation.

Capture good data

Automatically capture data electronically, without filling in paper forms. Link to load cell systems when harvesting to capture actual row weights for comparing yields between blocks or rows. Capture harvest and yield data, for accurate split-picking and make operational decisions in real-time.



Bowman Custom Farming (USA)

Bowman Farms, Modesto, California have been operating for decades. Clinton Bowman, President of Bowman Custom Farming uses TracMap in-cab display units in his Flory harvesters to communicate jobs clearly to his drivers. Managing all his jobs in TracMap Online, Clinton has full visibility of queued, live and completed jobs.

Using TracMap, Clinton identifies the differences in yield across different blocks so he can clearly see which spraying and fertilising treatments produce the best yields. “We are very excited about analyzing the data we have collected from TracMap,” Clinton explains.  >> Read more

Z Contracting (NZ)

Neil Woodward is the owner of Z Contracting Ltd located in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Established 25 years ago, Z Contracting’s main area of business is kiwifuit spraying. All Z Contacting machinery have TracMap GPS units installed. Neil uses TracMap Online to manage jobs, staff and Zespri compliance regulations, “It’s got a whole lot of benefits and I can’t see any downsides,” Neil says.

Kagome (AUS)


Kagome’s CEO, Jason Fritsch, had been looking for a way to improve traceability from field to factory and gain more visibility on job tracking.

Working together, TracMap and Kagome developed a solution. Kagome can now track exactly where their machines are operating and the bins that are being filled allowing for a more efficient use of resources and planning at every stage of production, “TracMap has met all of our expectations and provided measurable results. They were the only company that could adapt to our needs. We spoke to a number of alternative providers but none of them were able to integrate with our systems like TracMap has,” Jason adds.

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“TracMap has met all of our expectations and provided measurable results. They were the only company that could adapt to our needs. We spoke to a number of alternative providers but none of them were able to integrate with our systems like TracMap has.”

Jason Fritsch, CEO, Kagome