The TracMap System

The TracMap system comprises of our in-cab TML GPS, seamlessly linked to our cloud based job management platform called TracMap Online.

The intuitive, touch screen GPS will provide full vehicle guidance for any job, be it spraying, spreading or irrigation shifts. Meanwhile all of the data from the cab is automatically transferred and stored on TracMap Online for proof of placement and nutrient records.


Stop the mistakes that impact production. With TracMap, there are no missed or double sprayed rows, vehicles running at the wrong speed or drivers treating the wrong block. With TracMap, you and your drivers know exactly where, when and how the job is being completed.


Make better use of skilled supervisors. You can monitor job progress and vehicles remotely. Order sprayers and harvesters to go to the correct block without needing someone on the ground to supervise the operation.


Automatically capture data electronically, without filling in paper forms. Link to load cell systems when harvesting to capture actual row weights for comparing yields between blocks or rows. Capture harvest and yield data, for accurate split-picking and make operational decisions in real-time.

TracMap in Action

Bowman Farms, Modesto, California have been operating for decades. Clinton Bowman, President of Bowman Custom Farming uses TracMap in-cab display units in his Flory harvesters to communicate jobs clearly to his drivers. Managing all his jobs in TracMap Online, Clinton has full visibility of queued, live and completed jobs.

Z Contracting (NZ)

Neil Woodward is the owner of Z Contracting Ltd located in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Established 25 years ago, Z Contracting’s main area of business is kiwifuit spraying. All Z Contacting machinery have TracMap GPS units installed. Neil uses TracMap Online to manage jobs, staff and Zespri compliance regulations, “It’s got a whole lot of benefits and I can’t see any downsides,” Neil says.

Want To See TracMap in Action?

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