Southland company Farmer’s Dipping is a contracting service that specialises in weed control, pasture and crop spraying, sheep dipping and parasite treatment.

For the past 53 years, the family-owned operation has been servicing the Winton area and it continues to expand. It’s fleet now consists of nine spray trucks, including a Hardi self-propelled Sprayer with a 24m boom.

Each vehicle is equipped with a TracMap in-cab GPS display unit, synchronised with the Cloud-based system, TracMap Online.

Farmers Dipping owner David Kean has used TracMap systems to manage his spray operations since 2012.

“When we first found TracMap I couldn’t find any faults in it It was too good to be true and I would never go back to being without it now,” David says.

“Using TracMap has improved our efficiency. The time savings are huge, especially if a truck is away on a job and a new job comes in.

“Using TracMap Online I can just send the job through to the truck and the driver knows where the paddock is and what the recommendations are. He can get it done before he’s back to the yard.”

David says he and his crew now joke that the farmer doesn’t even have to talk to them. They create job orders on TracMap, send them through to their drivers and they text the farmers that they are on their way. Then it is done.

Also located in Winton in Jaesea Farm Ltd. owner, Jim Cooper, who has 1150 cows spread across 430ha. Jim also operates a contracting business that produces balage and spreads effluent using a slurry tanker.

Jim is a customer of both TracMap and Farmers Dipping. When it comes to spraying paddocks, Jim relies on Farmers Dipping and TracMap online to draw maps, mark out hazards and assign jobs on his farm.

“The TracMap system is really good, really, really, easy to use. I don’t have to go to the run-off with maps anymore. I just send the jobs and it gets done.” Jim says.

To make balage and spread effluent, Jim uses a TracMap GPS display unit for guidance and TracMap online for recording data.

“Before TracMap, I was relying on my drivers. Now they can do jobs accurately and reliably,” he says.

“It gives me peace of mind. I know my drivers and the contractors are doing the right jobs.” While I was on holiday in Fiji last year, I placed an order on TracMap Online, came home and it was done.

“You can use it anywhere in the world, you don’t have to be there to meet the contractor, and you do not have to worry about accuracy or human error,” Jim says.

Proof of placement from the TracMap systems is another benefit for both Jim and Farmers Dipping.

“For farmers, it’s really important to have proof of placement. All of the data from jobs is on TracMap online,” Jim explains.

“You can go back, look through files and everything is there,” Jim says.

From a contractors perspective, Farmers Dipping is able to prove which paddocks they have sprayed and which products they have applied to each.

Article first seen in Rural Contractor Magazine, February 2018