Tractors lined up at Treasury Wine Estates


Treasury Wine Estates has been taking advantage of TracMap’s proven solution for more effective operations management.

For 5 years now we have been helping large operations in Australia improve their harvest logistics.

We know that harvesting is a stressful time. Multiple vehicles, multiple people, multiple blocks, and constant rearranging of schedules.

We can help remove your stress, and make your operation more efficient and profitable!    We make it easy to get the correct machines in the correct block, and provide a live overview of what’s happening, and where.  And – we can capture yield, allowing more informed decisions as you head into the next season!

Case Study

Treasury Wines Australia put TracMap systems in place on 36 harvesters for their 2018 vintage. They took this step after seeing a staggering lift from 50% to 65% in spray efficiency from TracMap equipped spray tractors in the elite McLaren Vale region.

To quote Dave Gerner, Innovation and Technology for TWE Australia Pty – “For the first time we had total real time visibility of harvesters and operations, picking head on/off, etc. Operators were able to make real time decisions on how and where to pick. The overall experience was a positive experience for all”.

Left:  Example of yield data capture | Right:  Using data to show frost damage

Capture Crop Weights in Accurate Down Row Detail

Applications for this type of information are:

  • Validating frost losses for insurance purposes
  • Understand crop variation across your blocks so you can manage differently in future
  • Real time knowledge of the day’s harvest volumes for matching to processing capacity

Customers with Digistar and Avery load cell systems fitted to their collection carts can use TracMap to capture weights and

  • Report in a simple CSV file for analysis
  • Deliver a live feed of daily volumes as they happen

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