After trialling one TracMap unit last season, MICCAR Aerial, an aviation operation in Yorkton, Canada, were so impressed with how well it worked that they made the decision to upgrade their entire fleet for this spray season. Not only that, they went straight to wireless map sending with no problems and now use wireless for all their job management.

MICCAR President Michael Yaholnitsky comments. “I know some operators were surprised by our decision to go straight to wireless job sending with our TracMap’s, but I would have to say, the system has worked perfectly for us straight out of the box. It has proved reliable and simple.”

miccar-aerial-tracmap-gps-unitMICCAR had to make some minor changes to their work flow management system to fit how TracMap’s wireless TracMap Online system works. “But once we had played with it a bit, it turned out to be a breeze” said Michael. “Not only that, but our pilots have adapted to the new system surprisingly quickly.”

Michael quotes the example of a relief pilot they had working for them briefly. “His first time out I really thought my cellphone would ring three or four times from him in the first 30 minutes, but never heard a thing. He did the whole job and flew back with no problems”, said Michael.

MICCAR operate a dual control Thrush501P and two AT401’s, and in addition have two Pawnee’s that have a dual role of trainer and relief spray aircraft during periods of high workload. So far this season they have put well over 200 jobs through the TracMap Online system without a hitch.

Michael likes how they can not only load all their customers fields into the TracMap system, but also all airfields, and hazards such as towers and wires.  “When we get an order from a customer we simply load their map from the TracMap Online system and send it straight to an aircraft. Couldn’t be simpler”.

miccar-aerial-tracmap-onlineTheir more advanced customers also love it. Prior to the start of the season MICCAR took the time to load all their customers and their maps into the TracMap Online system. Now they have farmers loading their job orders themselves, which removes any possibility of doubt or confusion as to what is required.

What they also like is the livetracking that comes bundled with the system. “So long as an aircraft has cellular network coverage, we can see where it is. Is nice safety and logistics planning feature”, said Michael.

The photos show the TracMap system and Lightbar in one of MICCAR’s AT402’s, and a typical screen shot of a stored farm map in TracMap’s cloud mapping system.