Hart Farms is a family owned almond ranch in Orland, Northern California. 

We farm over eight thousand acres of almonds, and four hundred acres of walnuts. We operate 10 Air-O-Fan sprayers behind New Holland T4 Tractors. Most of our spraying is done at night.

Four months ago we made the decision to invest in TracMap’s job management system for our sprayers. We wanted to provide our drivers with a tool to allow them to be more accurate with less chance of mistakes, and we wanted to achieve better transparency of operations.

The result has been absolutely great. The drivers love it. It gives them the confidence they are treating the correct blocks, and ability to not miss any rows or other mistakes. This is especially important when they are working at night.

For the office, it is providing us with constant oversight of what is happening, and knowledge of what work has been completed, and where. We have better information, less errors, and far less admin paperwork hassles. The time saving has been significant.

And while it is saving us time and cost in our operations, I am sure the big payoff for us will be in an improved harvest, as a result of better disease and pest control. This is not to say we had a problem in the past, for I like to think our existing systems were pretty good. But I know we are doing a better job now, and it is far easier to manage.

Installing TracMap has been a good decision. It has proved to be a reliable system, and took little time for drivers and office staff to learn and start using.

Brian Bly, Farm Manager

Hart Farms were one of the first California customers to install TracMap’s touchscreen system, TML which is mounted directly in front of the driver so is easy to monitor while still watching what is happening in front of them while driving.

Hart Farms install TracMap's TML for almond night spraying