TracMap's new Spread Controller

The Spread Controller by TracMap is a comprehensive, all-in-one system that makes spreading easy, giving you complete spread control for spreading all types of fertiliser in one device.

The Spread Controller seamlessly integrates into the TracMap spreading solution with TracMap Online for job management, reporting and record keeping, and the TML touch-screen GPS system for guidance, data entry and control. Together they provide unparalleled capability in an integrated end-to-end solution.


One Less Screen in Cab


Seamless Integration


Variable Rate Prescription


One Touch Bout Reduce

Seamless integration with your TML

The Spread Controller seamlessly integrates with TML and TracMap Online. Settings can be adjusted easily on your TML device, removing the need for a second screen in the cab.

*Talk to your area manager for more details



One Less Screen in Cab

The TracMap controller integrates into the TML
unit so that you can remove the extra screen required in the cab. Free up space and make the connection seamless between
guidance and spread control.


One Touch Bout Reduce

Change the width of spread with the push of one button. Whether it is fixing up a small strip or giving clearance around waterways, this can be customised to fit the needs of the job.


Load Cell Support

The TracMap system supports specific types of loadcells – contact us for more info.


Job Management

Manage multiple jobs through TracMap Online. You can change, pause jobs if the weather turns, return to them, or swap jobs if you are low on supply. In addition, jobs can be allocated to multiple devices through your TracMap Online account.


Spread ON/OFF Switch

The option of a physical spread ON/OFF switch allows for an easier and safer spreading application. This can be set up and utilised with the unit. For dual floor trucks, we also support a side select switch.


Full Spinner Control

Adjust spinner speeds on each side with ease, including a slow and fast option to switch between during a job. Single and dual floor support to accurately control your spread rate.


Variable Rate Prescription

Variable rate is useful for putting multiple rates on your farm or paddocks in the same application. TracMap Online enables you to split paddocks into different rates, or jobs into different rates to help allow for the differences in your paddocks.

With the TML and the Spread Controller, the rate will automatically change on the job to ensure the driver applies the rates correctly. This is important for nutrient-sensitive product applications.


“I have been using it for over 3 months doing in excess of 300+ Ha per week. I find it very user friendly.

I also have other staff that have used my truck the odd time and now want one installed in their truck too.”

Roger Marsh, GVT Transport

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