TM5 GPS Display Unit Firmware

If you have a TM5 GPS Display Unit (grey buttons) then please load this software file below. Simply follow the upgrade instructions below.

If you are having any difficulties contact support.

WARNING: Do not load this software if you have a display unit with green buttons (TM2 or earlier).



1. Download the appropriate software file below and save it to a USB key (do not change the file name)

2. With the GPS Guidance turned off, plug the USB flash drive into the USB dongle

3. Hold the [F2] and [POWER} buttons down until the black TracMapTM5xx upgrade screen appears (immediately after the TracMap logo disappears)

4. ‘Upgrade’ is highlighted by default. Press [ENT]

5. The screen will display the message “Scanning USB…”

6. The screen will then display any available upgrade files that are on the USB drive

7. Highlight the most recent file (if you have more than one) and press [ENT]

8. Wait until the screen displays “Installation complete”

9. Press [ENT]

Need more help? Read our Trouble Shooting Guide or contact support.


If running a Whitehead V3 Controller, with software version 5.033 or lower, please contact TracMap BEFORE upgrading your display unit software to ensure your functionality will not be impacted.