TMA Tasking App

Go beyond the bounds of your vehicle

TracMap’s Tasking App is a simple and easy to use task management tool which captures work undertaken when you’re not using a TracMap equipped vehicle.

How it works:

  • Manage and monitor jobs done outside of TracMap equipped vehicles
  • Create geo-markers to map points of interest found in the field
  • Add detailed notes and geo-tagged photos to a task
  • Record task duration data for accurate time management and invoicing
  • Record observations when on farm walks or vineyard and orchard scouting
  • Create field tasks while out on the job or,
  • Create tasks in TracMap Online and allocate to a chosen device
  • Data automatically syncs between the TMA devices and TracMap Online


  • Works on iPhones, iPads and Android devices
  • Allows tasks to be completed outside cellular coverage
  • Complements work done with TracMap TML, TM5s and V240s
  • Export task information from TracMap Online into a CSV format, ready for billing

The app can be downloaded to one or multiple mobile devices, which you can set-up to automatically sync with your TracMap Online account.


  • $10 per month per active device
    A device is considered active if it works on a task during that calendar month
    Price excludes tax

Note: You won’t be charged until you have enabled the task data to sync with your TracMap Online account AND you have created your first linked task.

Download TracMap’s first ‘bring your own device’ and explore the benefits to your business!

Get it on Google Play

Get it on Google Play