Go beyond the bounds of your vehicle!

TracMap’s family of products continues to grow. We’re excited to announce we have released our new tasking App, TMA.

TracMap Online subscribers can now record task data for work undertaken outside of a TracMap enabled vehicle.

The ‘bring your own device’ solution helps strengthen our goal to provide the ultimate job management solution to our customers.

The simple and easy to use task management tool allows one or multiple devices to be linked to a TracMap Online account.

Tasks can be created in the field, or from within TracMap Online and subsequently sent to a linked device.

The ‘taskee’ can create geo-markers to map points of interest when out on the job, as well as detailed notes and photos. The data then automatically syncs with TracMap Online.

Task duration data is also recorded, allowing the ability to pause or amend the amount of time taken to ensure accurate time management and invoicing.

The app will also be useful for scouting purposes, allowing GPS markers to be dropped to indicate pests, disease or areas requiring remedial work.

TracMap Online customers can activate the tasking app themselves, linking any number of devices using their unique sync code.