TML-A V1.12 Update



We have released a new update to our TML-A devices based on your valuable feedback.

Some of the key features in the update were:

Added lightbar guidance to Fly To feature.

Improved workflow for adding multiple blocks to a job. Now you can add multiple blocks at once and can delete a point if it’s in the wrong place.

Added option to have the LB20 display angle offset as pull instead of push.

Fixed incorrect “Language and Units” text wrapping.

Remove directional arrows on guidance lines to reduce clutter on screen.

When zooming out, hide guidance line numbers for all except the current line to reduce clutter on screen.

Added nominal area as an option for the lightbar data panels.

Allow swath overlap to be negative so that you can add spacing between guidance lines.

When zooming out, hide guidance line numbers for all except the current line.

Added lightbar data panels for ‘distance to Enter Block’ and ‘distance to Exit Block’.

Now you can hold down the hardware button to cycle rapidly through guidance lines and menus.

Record altitude information from the GPS and save it on exported jobs.

Fixed feature where you can tap the screen to set the C line.

Disable autobooms when the job has no geometry.

Improve performance and reliability of builds.

There will be many more of these releases and our ambitions certainly do not stop here. This is a product full of potential and innovation and the next few months will be packed with some exciting new developments!

Safe and happy flying!

The Tracmap Team