TML-A V1.11 Update



We have released a new update to our TML-A devices based on your valuable feedback.

Some of the key features in the update were:

Guidance lines

Have now been made easier with the new update! For all customers that don’t have a map drawn that’s no problem… You can now create your guides without having to worry about adding a block first.

Block Edge Labels

Is a new feature that has its benefits for collaborative projects. You can now identify and share between pilots what edge you’re using for your guidance lines!

proof of release

Now generates a more accurate proof of release due to being able to customize a delay between activating the working switch and painting on screen.


Now locks onto your current guidance line if boom sections are on.

Along with these are a number of other improvements and fixes.

There will be many more of these releases and our ambitions certainly do not stop here. This is a product full of potential and innovation and the next few months will be packed with some exciting new developments!

Safe and happy flying!

The Tracmap Team

We have created a new update for TML-A. (V1.11.1) Here are some of the new features you can use to improve your jobs! Update now and enjoy with ease…