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TracMap’s revolutionary new hardware platform offers a simple user interface and touchscreen display, linking seamlessly with our job management system, TracMap Online. The TML system was designed in collaboration with customers in the viticulture and agriculture industries, resulting in an extremely relevant and powerful management tool.

The intuitive navigation provided by touchscreen means less training for drivers and being quicker and easier to use ensures fewer mistakes and a shorter turnaround time from job activation to invoicing. Having a real-time overview or where each operator is, and how they are progressing offers assurance and peace of mind, and the time and resources saved can be spent on growing your business.

TracMap’s TML Display Unit provides the latest in touchscreen technology:

  • Intuitive & simple navigation
  • Large 10.1″ display screen
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • English & Spanish options
  • Wireless data transfer in poor coverage
  • Faster input and task activation
  • Live job sharing between vehicles
  • Whitehead compatible

Some of the many features and benefits of TracMap’s system:

  • Efficiently allocate tasks
  • Reduced errors, overlaps and missed areas
  • Proof of placement/performance
  • Maximise coverage, minimise waste
  • Variable rate application and reporting
  • Higher productivity and operational efficiency
  • Improved risk management and compliance
  • Plan and monitor operator activity in real time
  • Accurately implement split picking and create harvest maps
  • Collect harvest, yield data and application data

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““It’s pretty much a total game-changer for our business. The fact that we capture so much data and statistics that comes back to the office means that we can actually use the information to plan our next job in that same vineyard and have the additional benefits of real-time live tracking and that collaboration with the team.””

Lincoln Grocke, LG Vineyard Services, Barossa Valley Adelaide