Cameron McIntosh, Operations Manager, Total Viticulture Solutions has has been working with the TracMap system for 4 years. Since installing TracMap, Cameron has seen a huge impact across all areas of the business from vineyard to invoicing,”TracMap helps the guys with rates and calibration, with the spraying and how much they need and accuracy as well. From the business side of things it helps with billing and there’s just that reassurance for the client,” Cameron says.

While TracMap’s versatility is a key benefit, you don’t need a degree in computer science to use it. “Anyone can figure the basics out in ten minutes, send the job through to the unit and you know what to do and where you’re meant to be”, Cameron adds. It might be simple to use but what really sets TracMap apart from standalone GPS units for Total Viticulture Solutions is the scheduling and benchmarking capabilities, “If something changes you can update details really quickly and reschedule. You can also work out how long each job should take and plan staff and machinery requirements around that. It’s fantastic and streamlines everything,” he concludes.