After rummaging through some old papers and files earlier this week, Gerald Harrex, TracMap’s National Aviation Sales Manager, came across, a now-scrappy log book, from back in 2006. After reminiscing about the start of TracMap, the first installation now over 10 years ago, Gerald started to think about how far TracMap has come since 2006.

Since installing the first GPS guidance system in fertiliser trucks, we have become New Zealand’s largest agriculture GPS provider, also growing to expand internationally, and reaching Australian and Californian markets. With new investment from Genesis Private Equity Ltd, this allows the management team at TracMap to fulfil company goals, such as further expanding into Australian and Californian markets.

A highlight for Gerald, while working at TracMap, has been working with pilots to develop our aviation products to meet their specific needs. The end result of his hard work is an exceptional product that is highly valued and recommended by those who use it. Gerald is proud to be part of the TracMap team as we have awesome employees, customers and products.

Gerald is pictured below at TracMap headquarters in Mosgiel, with the original TracMap unit, (the orange box atop of the old TracMap vehicle).