TracMap system in Heli-Hire helicopter

We sat down with David Lealand, CEO of Heli-Hire LTD in Rotorua, New Zealand, to hear about his experience with TracMap’s aviation GPS guidance and job management systems.

Heli-Hire LTD is an aerial agricultural company specializing in aerial spraying, aerial spreading, aerial lifting services and scenic flights.

“Technology and data is a critical part of my business, without it I wouldn’t have been able to come this far,” says David.

Heli-Hire LTD was established in 2003. They employee five staff and have a fleet of four helicopters: a Robinson R44, a Hughes 500D and 2 Eurocopter AS350-B2’s.

“The best part of my job is the different scenery, every day is different. I get to see so much of New Zealand that some people never get a chance to see. I get to meet some pretty awesome people in my line of work, people from all different walks of life.”

“We purchased our first TracMap unit in 2011, with the world moving forward the way it is with technology, TracMap was ahead of the pack in our area. It seemed like a good move forward for my business.”

TracMap has benefitted Heli-Hire LTD by providing increased efficiency, accuracy and safety, which David says has been paramount to their success.

“Our experience with TracMap has been great! TracMap provides great technology, systems, support and has a great team of people to work with. We are able to be more accurate and precise with our work, providing our clients with the best possible outcome.”

To learn more about how TracMap’s aviation GPS guidance and job management systems can benefit your business, give our aviation experts a call on +64 27 536 0879 (NZ/international) or 253 315 1435 (USA).

And be sure to check out Heli-Hire LTD online – or on social media, where they do a great job showing off the spectacular, secret parts of New Zealand they get to visit every day!