Growers can now achieve accurate and reliable application rates in orchards and vineyards with variable row widths across blocks.

By combining TracMap’s in-cab display unit and job management software with a Micro-Trak control system, tractor sprayers can automatically change row widths and/or application rates allowing the operator so simply drive the row.

Benefits for growers:

  • No need to change tractor speeds or spray pressures between blocks with different row widths.
  • Optimise water rates according to block requirements, allowing for changes in canopy cover or density.
  • Eliminate errors and the need for supervision with automated spray setup for each block and different row widths.
  • Vastly improve your disease and pest control, and in turn your yield.

Final testing of the combined systems was carried out last week at E&J Gallo’s San Miguel Vineyard. We would like to extend a huge thank you to Ranch Manager, Holly Smith for making her tractor and sprayer available for us to test all the various combinations growers might use. We can report the system worked just as expected – that is, perfectly!

TracMap is a proven job management system that gives you the ability to monitor staff and machinery across vinyards and orchard blocks. You can improve your efficiency and accuracy while also capturing spray and harvest activity. The data can then be used to make improvements to your operation.

Micro-Trak, are well known for their high quality rate control system that can be fitted to any sprayer. It automatically changes water volume to match changes in row width and tractor speed down the row. Resulting in the right spray quantity every time, without wastage or excess application.

Photo shows (left to right), TracMap President Colin Brown, Micro-Trak engineer Cory Gradert, and Micro-Trak Territory Sales rep Jeff Glick