The TracMap System

The TracMap system comprises of our in-cab TML GPS, seamlessly linked to our cloud based job management platform called TracMap Online.

The intuitive, touch screen GPS will provide full vehicle guidance for any job, be it spraying, spreading or irrigation shifts. Meanwhile all of the data from the cab is automatically transferred and stored on TracMap Online for proof of placement and nutrient records.


Stop the mistakes that impact production. With TracMap, there are no missed or double sprayed rows, vehicles running at the wrong speed or drivers treating the wrong block. With TracMap, you and your drivers know exactly where, when and how the job is being completed.


The TracMap system gives you the ability to monitor the movement of staff and machinery across vineyard sites and regions. You can analyze spraying accuracy and harvesting activity, and use this information to improve your operation.


Our customers use the data collected by TracMap Online to determine where operational improvements can be made and best practices for increasing yield. They also manage multiple jobs at once, which gives them the ability to quickly increase the scale of their operation.

TracMap in Action

Charles Rosback, Managing Director, Group Logistics, South Australia installed TracMap in 2013, “TracMap provides Group Logistics as vineyard managers and contractors the ability to create and allocate jobs to vehicles operating in vineyards. The TracMap system has already proven to increase productivity, reduce the risk of errors, and provide wireless electronic reporting of tasks that are performed in the field such as spraying, harvesting and maintenance.”

Laguna Ranch (USA)

At the time this video was taken Danny Smith was Viticulture Ranch Manager at E&J Gallo’s Laguna Ranch. Danny had been trialing the TracMap system for three years and found it excellent at managing spraying at one of the most difficult ranches to manage in the industry.

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